Go is an open source programming language that enables the production of simple, efficient, and reliable software at scale.

Edmonton Go is a meetup to collaborate, discuss, and learn Go.


September 2020 Meetup

Open Mic

Meetup #67. We will be meeting in person at Startup Edmonton at 6:30 pm. Capacity is limited to 15 people. Pre-registration is required. Please RSVP by emailing gopher@nathany.com to be added as a visitor. You will receive a link which includes COVID-19 pre-screening questions. Please note that registration at Meetup is not sufficient. Masks are required. Please maintain physical distance while in the space. Hand sanitizer is provided. Please have dinner before coming as no food will be provided.

March 2020 Online Meetup


Meetup #66. Please RSVP at Meetup. We will be meeting online at 6:30 pm. Live stream Talks Prometheus Brandon Glowatski News Go 1.14 released (release notes) Go 1.14.1 Polyglot YEG cancelled Startup Edmonton closed to the public Events Edmonton Go Meetup - September

February 2020 Meetup

State of Go

Meetup #65. Please RSVP at Meetup. We get going at 6:30 pm. Sponsors Venue provided by Startup Edmonton Video State of Go 2020 News Go 1.14 RC1 (release notes) Golang Weekly Black Hat Go (book) Events Monthly Hack Day - Mar 14 Polyglot YEG - Apr 4 Edmonton Go Meetup - March


Hosted at Startup Edmonton
Suite 301, 10359 - 104 Street


Third Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm.

How to get there

By transit: From Bay Station walk north on 104th St. to Mercer Warehouse.
By car: Check ParkingPanda for rates on Rogers Place event nights.